this need.  At AMT TC, we are ready now to transfer years of
manufacturing experience to your organization.

Our Technology Contractors free your key personnel from the
need to reinvent proven technology and redesign manufacturing
techniques and facilities.

At AMT TC we draw a distinction between the purchase of key
pieces of process equipment and the implementation of an
entirely new and different manufacturing technology.  Success
depends on an organized effort to address the full spectrum of
factors and considerations, which are all part of the technology.

AMT TC provides a logical, dynamic approach to obtaining a new
or enhanced capability by bringing to your company all of the
elements that are required to build electronic products utilizing
the latest technologies.

Our goal is your goal: getting on-line as rapidly and cost
efficiently as possible.
Worldwide competitive pressures are propelling the drive to smaller, denser and more efficient electronic assemblies.  Manufacturing technologies have kept pace with

Technology Implementation

Intergrating People, Equipment and Technology
for Over Four Decades
AMT Technology Contractors, LLC           Technology Partner and Implementation Contractor